The Ol’ Curmudgeon: Vote. If you don’t, who will?

November 2016 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

The Old CurmudgeonWell, the time is almost here and we are about to vote for a new president. He or she will decide the direction our country will take. Certainly a big decision. Not a job for the inexperienced.

In the last election, we were asked to vote for a man who was smart enough to know the loopholes in our tax laws and used them to build on a fortune. As I recall, he did his banking overseas to keep more of what he earned. While this may have been fine for him, it did nothing to help pay the cost of running our country. That fell on the backs of the common people.

This time around we are asked to get off the backs of those of great wealth, those who have been able to hang onto the money they have honestly made because of the loopholes senators and representatives have left in our tax laws which have favored the wealthy.

Yes, we have been guilty in the past of leaving these unfair tax loopholes on the books. So let’s start over and make the rich pay their share. After all, they drive over the same roads as do the common people. They require the same fire and police protection, maybe more. They benefit from the hospitals and health departments. We all need the same defense department. So let’s make the ultra rich pay their share. This should not be an aristocratic society.

The final question of the last debate between the two presidential contestants was along the lines of “if you lose, will you concede?” Guess who would and who wouldn’t? ‘Nuff said.

Make sure you vote. Make sure you make thoughtful decisions up and down the ballot, regardless of party affiliation. Make sure color or gender don’t enter into your decisions. We’re all going to have to live with what the majority decides.

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