Moving on: Mount Angel City Manager Eileen Stein hired by city of West Linn

May 2016 Posted in News, People
Mount Angel City Manager Eileen Stein

Mount Angel City Manager Eileen Stein

By Kristine Thomas

Mount Angel Chamber of Commerce member Maureen Ernst wants to know if it is possible to “clone” Mount Angel City Manager Eileen Stein.

She’s not the only one who is wishing Stein could be in two places.

Stein was recently chosen as the new city manager of West Linn. One of 32 applicants, her new job begins June 1. She replaces former city manager Chris Jordan who resigned in August 2015. An interim city manager has held the job since then.

Ernst said it has been a pleasure to work with Stein.

“She will be missed greatly,” Ernst said. “Eileen Stein generated new energy in our Bavarian village. She is a great communicator – and made a real effort to keep the community informed on budgets, grant awareness, and has a commitment to the community. Eileen is a team player all the way. West Linn is very fortunate to have her on board.”

Stein came to Mount Angel almost three years ago after serving as the city manager in Sisters for 11 years.

“I think it is a compliment that many people have said they don’t want me to go,” Stein said. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of California at Irvine and has more than 25 years of local government experience in Oregon.

Stein currently serves on the League of Oregon Cities’ board of directors

Stein said she saw the opening in West Linn in January and applied for the job after looking at the issues and projects facing the community and realizing with her experience made it a good fit.

West Linn Mayor Russ Axelrod stated in a press release the council is excited about Stein joining the team and that “she brings a reputation of integrity, collaboration and community orientation to our city management.”

Stein said helping to “reset the foundation of the city” was the highlight of her three years serving the city and citizens of Mount Angel.

“There were things that were outdated and needed to be updated including the system development charges and personnel handbook,” Stein said. “We got the city charter updated and we have comprehensive financial policies in place.”

After analyzing the city budget, Stein determined if the city is to survive it will need to find ways to bring in additional revenue. The budget committee recently approved a budget that will increase water and sewer rates, storm water fees and street lighting fees. The budget now goes to the city council for approval.

Stein said the new fees will help the city reinvest in its infrastructure.

“If we don’t invest in our community, then we aren’t growing but we are really dying,” she said. “The fees will help reinvigorate our town.”

Stein said if approved the new fees will be a good start in securing a financial future for the city. The new city manager will have to tackle the general fund.

“The city has a good start on putting its financial pieces together,” she said.

To describe her work the past three years, Stein chose “stewardship.”

“I think that I have been a good steward of the city’s resources, helped rebuilding its foundation and helped the community to reinvest in its town,” she said.

Stein said there are a lot of good pieces to work with for the new city manager.

“The council is in the process of looking to appoint an interim and then to start the recruitment very soon,” she said. “They would like to have a new city manager by the end of the summer.”

City Councilor Pete Wall said Stein has been an excellent manager for Mount Angel and was professional at all times.

“She is a very capable and innovative city manager,” Wall said. “She participated in community events and volunteered her time to them such as the Hazelnut fest and Wurstfest.”

As a city councilor, Wall looks forward to working with the other members of the council to develop a profile for a new city manager to help in the selection process.

“I personally want to see a city manager who is obviously well-qualified but becomes vested in this community for several years,” Wall said.

Stein said the new city manager should have good financial management skills, a good background in community development and understand Oregon’s land use system.

What she will miss most about working in Mount Angel is the people.

“I have met some of the most wonderful, wonderful people,” she said.

“People in Mount Angel really care about their community and their spirit of volunteerism and commitment to their community are an inspiration to me. It’s been a privilege to serve the city of Mount Angel and its residents. I hope people feel I served them well.”

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