Make memories: Dads and daughters invited to ‘Happily Ever After’

April 2016 Posted in Community
Brent Satern and his daughter Avery prepare for the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Brent Satern and his daughter Avery prepare for the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

By Kristine Thomas

On a sunny Friday morning at Silverton’s Coolidge  McClaine Park, Brent Satern and his daughter, Avery, picked daisies. Quietly, Brent shared with Avery that the daisies with touches of pink on their petals are the ones touched by fairies. Avery turns 3 in May.

It’s simple, yet precious moments like this that Brent realizes are important to his daughter. He understands the research on how a father plays a critical role in his daughter’s life. How a father treats his daughter is the standard for which his daughter will judge all men.

Daddy-Daughter Dance
Silverton Rotary Club Daddy-Daughter Dance
Saturday, May 7, 6-9 p.m.
Silverton High School, 1456 Pine St.
For fathers (or father figures)
and all girls in the eighth grade or younger.
Tickets: $30 per dad/daughter,
$10 for each additional daughter.
Proceeds go to the Rotary scholarship fund.
At: or Country Financial,
305 Oak St. or 503-580-9546

That’s one reason he has worked with his fellow Silverton Rotary Club members and the Silverton High School Interact Club to organize the first “Daddy-Daughter Dance” for fathers and their girls in eighth grade or younger.

On Saturday, May 7, Avery and her dad will attend the “Happily Ever After” Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by the Silverton Rotary in partnership with the Interact Club. The dance is 6 to 9 p.m. at Silverton High School.

The evening will feature dancing, a complimentary photograph, face painting, a Mother’s Day craft, photo booth, snacks, refreshments and a chocolate fountain. There will be tiaras for every daughter.

While Silverton Interact Club members Madelyn Arrington and Megan Mannion are too old to attend as participants, they are eager to help out at the event, including dressing up as their favorite princess.

Both teenage girls shared the role their own fathers have played in their lives.

Madelyn said the Silverton Rotary Daddy-Daughter Dance is important because it allows young girls and their dads to have time spent together. Her parents are Mike and Amy Arrington.

“My dad has helped me stay confident within myself,” Madelyn said. “Through all the sports I participate in, he has been there to give me advice and support. Without that, I would probably not be where I am today.”

Megan’s parents are John and Inga Mannion. “Not only will the Daddy-Daughter Dance be a great night filled with many fun activities, but it is a wonderful opportunity for fathers and daughters to build a stronger relationship and to make memories that they will look back on,” Megan said.

She said her dad supports her through thick and thin. “He has taught me that everything you do is a reflection of yourself, to take pride in everything you do, and always give everything 100 percent,” Megan said.

SHS girls’ head coach Tal Wold is looking forward to doing the “hot dog dance” as featured on the Mickey Mouse Club show with his 3-year-old daughter, Harper.

“It will be fun to spend time together,” Wold said. “Harper loves to dance. Before bed, we dance to Bruce Springsteen every night.”

Brent said all dads have to do on this night is get tickets.

“If you see a smile on your daughter’s face, you know that you and your daughter are going to have a good time,” he said.

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