Dancing their socks off: Eight SHS seniors raise funds for medical teams

April 2016 Posted in Community, School
Left, top: Blake Cosgrove, Sam Roth, Reagan Schiewe, Kirk Martinson, Alex Canfield, Mathew Edmonds and Lee Aman are competing for the title of Mr. SHS.

Left, top: Blake Cosgrove, Sam Roth, Reagan Schiewe, Kirk Martinson, Alex Canfield, Mathew Edmonds and Lee Aman are competing for the title of Mr. SHS.

By Melissa Wagoner

Talent abounds this year in the annual Mr. SHS competition at Silverton High School. Eight senior boys will be going head-to-head competing for the title and working to raise money for Medical Teams International.

“It’s a beauty pageant for men,” Lee Aman explained.

“And we are beautiful,” Alex Canfield added.

“We lose all dignity,” Kirk Martinson said. “Eight men pretending to have talent.”

This year’s competition will feature acts including comedy skits, music and dancing. Many of the contestants will be performing talents they have honed since childhood.

“I intend to play piano and sing, most likely an arrangement of my own composition,” Canfield said. “My first performance was when I was 4; I sang in front of a church of about 500 people. After that, at age 5, I started taking piano lessons. I’ve always had a love for music and the stage, so this just seems natural.”

Others will be presenting talents that they have practiced specifically for this event.

“I do have a talent, but I can’t tell you what it is,” Sam Roth said. “I listened to a lot of disco music to get a feel for it though.”

Others will be performing more unusual skills.

“I have many talents, from playing ping-pong to juggling, but these aren’t particularly marketable,” Martinson said. “So, I figured I’d do a cooking show. I started cooking mac and cheese back in third grade and since then I haven’t actually improved but that won’t stop me.”

Along with the individual talents, the contest will feature a group dance routine choreographed by the captains of the high school dance team. According to the contenders, they have spent at least two hours working on the three minute routine of which they are sure they have learned at least 30 seconds, but they are confident that the rest of the dance will be in hand prior to the big show.

Although Mr. SHS contestants must be seniors, many of the boys have been looking forward to participating since their freshman year.

“I have looked forward to this event my entire high school career. From competing against my friends, to having tons of fun in the process, Mr. SHS is the event of the year,” Aman said.

One aspect that makes this show a crowd pleaser is the fun the boys have putting it together.

“The best part is just the atmosphere of the whole thing, getting to know the guys and hanging out with them has been great considering when we all get together there is never a dull moment,” Blake Cosgrove said.

Although the pageant is a competition, the boys see it more as a challenge to raise money for a good cause. “After recently visiting Medical Teams International Headquarters in Tigard, I have found a new way to view this beauty pageant,” Aman said. “Ultimately, the fundraising for MTI is the goal and one of the best aspects. This contest is so great because it’s not just for the sake of the community, but has ties to one of the biggest medical organizations.”

Last year’s Mr. SHS competition raised $20,000 and the boys hope to top that.

“I know that we can raise more money, I know we can. I just want to be able to be a part in donating all this money to MTI,” Reagan Schiewe said. “And as we found out, just a little contribution goes very far in helping people all over the world.”

The boys learned every $10 ticket purchased allos $1,450 in medicines and medical supplies to be shipped by MTI to those who need them.

“I do encourage everyone to research MTI for themselves at their website,” Schiew said.

“Five to $7 can save a child’s life,” Matt Edmonds added.

2016 Mr. SHS Pageant contestants

Fundraiser for Medical Teams International

Saturday, April 16, 7 p.m.
Silverton High School Theater
1456 Pine St.
Tickets, $10, can be purchased from the contestants or at the school.

The Mr. SHS candidates and their plans after high school are:

Lee Aman plans to dual enroll at Oregon State University and Linn Benton Community College to study engineering.

Alex Canfield plans to attend Portland State University to study music composition.

Blake Cosgrove plans to attend college and play basketball and major in screenwriting or apparel design.

Mathew Edmonds plans to attend Chemeketa, then transfer to Oregon State University to study agronomy.

Kirk Martinson plans to attend Oregon State University to study bioengineering – unless he gets accepted to Stanford.

Sam Roth plans to attend college and play basketball because, “I think that going to school gives me the best chance to be successful.”

Reagan Schiewe plans to attend Chemeketa Community College for the two years, then transfer to The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, Calif.

Houston Winslow plans to attend Clackamas Community College for two years and then transfer to Portland State University to study engineering.

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