Hoefel Haus: Crafting confections

December 2015 Posted in Business
Sherry & Bill Hoefel

Sherry & Bill Hoefel

By Kali Ramey Martin

Sherry Hoefel is a wife, a mom and a grandma. She’s lived in Silverton most of her life, raised five kids and had a long career in software until a year and a half ago when she retired.

Since then, she has filled her days with her two – soon to be three – grandchildren, gardening, researching genealogy, writing and growing her candy-making business.

Taking the plunge into candy making came after lots of encouragement from friends and family who reaped the benefits of her annual holiday treats.

With her mother giving her the final push in 2008, Hoefel and her husband, Bill, created Hoefel Haus Small Batch Confections. They have been producing tasty treats out of their certified home kitchen ever since.

“I’ve just always enjoyed the sweet side of things and being creative,” Hoefel said.

Hoefel Haus makes 13 flavors of caramels, available in small bags or larger gift boxes. It takes Hoefel about an hour and a half to complete a batch, as she stirs and monitors the candy over a constant heat.

She allows the batch to cool overnight, and cuts and wraps the next day. She usually keeps a bit of inventory on hand, but likes to make orders as they come in to guarantee they are as fresh as possible.

“Candy is finicky,” Hoefel said. “But I enjoy making something people really like.”

Hoefel Haus candies are available in downtown Silverton at Apples to Oranges and The Chocolate Box, or by visiting hoefelhausconfections.com.

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