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September 2015 Posted in Other

DixonBy Dixon Bledsoe

As much as it pains me to say this out loud, it isn’t hard to understand the allure of Donald Trump to some people desperate for leadership and real change.

He offends me in most ways possible, but I can see why some people are falling head-over-heels for the loud-mouth billionaire. They envision him flying his corporate jet over to North Korea, unannounced, walking into Kim Jong-Un’s palace, and saying “You’re fired.”

He drop kicks political correctness through his golden goal posts. He speaks without filters but says what some people wouldn’t consider articulating with such banal drivel except after nine Budweisers with close, like-minded friends. He is a novelty in an exceptionally boring, somewhat sad race to the White House. He is leading in most polls, because people often like their leaders to be bold, brash, strong, and candid. He is definitely bold, brash, candid, and within his own empire, a leader. But he is not electable. He is in a close competition, a veritable horse race, but not with the droves of people who have announced their candidacy for POTUS. His real competitors are the Kardashian’s, who have been pushed to the forefront of the pseudo-journalism tabloids and reality shows by the shallow-minded. My prediction? He will fold like a cheap suit, though his threads cost what many of us might pay for a four-year education. But seriously, can’t he hire a hair stylist who is not afraid to say that is the worst haircut ever? Even Johnny the Barber on Oak Street couldn’t bring that rug back from its near death experience, and he is a magician with the scissors.

My friend wishes to be anonymous but felt compelled to give a shout-out to Dr. Kendall Pyper, another friend who is a local dentist with both remarkable skills and a helping attitude that speaks wonders in today’s rather cynical service world.  My friend cracked a tooth shortly before a trip and was unable to get in to see her own dentist for the minor emergency work. She was referred to another dentist but was unable to be seen. It was suggested she call Dr. Pyper. She caught he and his staff as they were ready to call it a weekend. Most of us sprint out of our jobs at the end of a long week and never look back. Dr. Pyper turned around, as did his professional and friendly crew, saw the patient, fixed the tooth, and wished her a nice trip. She was grateful and I was reminded of how good of a dentist and a person he is.

Congratulations to Oktoberfest as it kicks off its 50th celebration. What an incredible juggernaut of fun, feast, and benevolence it has become. The German newspapers call Mount Angel’s O’fest the world’s best Oktoberfest outside of Munich. The organizers have done it right since 1966. It is always evolving for the better. But some things never change, nor should they.

Tradition reigns supreme, as does the Chicken Dance, the spectacular array of authentic German beers and sausage and the music, ah the music.

I’d like to say thanks to the Oktoberfest for 50 good times, hundreds of sausages digested and maybe even a few Spaten Optimators imbibed. For ZMusicMakers, and Drake’s Crossing Fire Department’s chocolate hazelnut dipped ice cream bars, and that incredible Butte Creek School Apple Butter Cake.

And the two tons of Berliner sandwiches my family has consumed over the decades.  Most importantly, and I say this with the utmost respect for the Oktoberfest organizers and board, I would like to say thanks to the people of Mount Angel for having us. Oom pah pah!

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