The Man About Town: Danger… What danger?

August 2015 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

If you spend much time in front of a television, chances are there will be one of those not-so-real, reality shows on. One of the least obnoxious I have found is called American Pickers where Mike and Frank travel the backroads looking for rusty treasures that they can resell. Well, it turns out that they are coming to film in Oregon and if you have a large collection of quality “rusty gold,” you might even end up on the show. Call 1-855-OLD-RUST or e-mail with your name, contact info and description of your items to see if you have what it takes to be a reality star…..and no Darby, Ken doesn’t qualify as a “vintage item”….

If you’re also looking for old stuff (that’s what you call a segue…), there will be a lot of it on Main Street in Silverton on Saturday, Aug. 29. Come on down to (you guessed it) “Old Stuff on Main Street” and take home a treasure or two….

Given this busy fire season we’re having, it would be easy to imagine there might be times when all the fire trucks are out on calls… But have no fear, Chief Bill Miles will just walk right over and handle your emergency….and he’ll make it, too, as he proved at the recent Relay for Life event where he logged 22 miles in the support of the fight against cancer….That’s 88 laps of the high school track. Rumors that he still can’t walk in a straight line could not be confirmed…

Useless fact of the month: A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why.

Silverton will soon be baker-less no more. After visiting Silverton, well traveled Dan Lliteras found a place to call home but found the city had one big thing missing…. the smell of freshly baked bread. To remedy this grievous flaw he is opening Silver Falls Bread Company on McClaine Street. Shooting for an October opening (the oven has yet to arrive from Italy), there will be no retail sales but you will be able to purchase his goods next door at Gear Up. This exciting news leaves The Man with only one question…will those wonderful aromas be gluten free?

Danger Hill

The hills will be alive with the Sounds of Bratwurst… Four of the great grandchildren of Captain and Maria von Trapp will be performing two shows to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mount Angel Oktoberfest. The von Trapps concert is just one of the many additional ways for you to enjoy this year’s “50 years of Celebration.” I can’t wait to hear them sing my favorite song from The Sound of Music...”How do you solve a problem like The Man-a?

Anyone who has been in the area very long, knows that the dramatic rise in elevation over on East Main Street has been affectionately known as Danger Hill, and it has long been signed as such…. Well, apparently that didn’t meet some sign standard (someone from the group “Citizens for the Abatement of Risk Management” was probably offended…and we can’t have that). Sooooo, from this point forward, please refer to it by it’s new official name: “12% grade, no trucks and watch out for deer hill”…..just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

See you on the street…


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