Man About Town: Run for your lives – Or not

July 2015 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

We here at The Man news desk were saddened to hear of the recent passing of George Hauswirth. The owner (along with his wife Brenda) of Silver Creek Gallery and BreGe’ Designs, George was instrumental in starting Silverton’s First Friday Art Walks, The Silverton Fine Arts Festival, owner of the coolest underground house and maker of one mean minestrone… rest in peace, my friend.

The Silverton Police Dept. has started a new bicycle registration program to help re-unite bikes that have “wandered off” with their rightful owners. Contact Officer Jason Bricker at 503-873-5326 for all the details.

If you need a little mental relief from the heat we’ve been having, visualize all the fun you’ll have gliding around The Oregon Garden’s new ice skating rink they’ve added to the Christmas at the Garden festivities this winter…..ahhh, feel cooler already, don’t you?

The Mount Angel Oktoberfest is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and is looking for old photographs and memorabilia for possible inclusion in a display at the event.If you have something of interest, contact Monica Bochsler at or call 503-845-6338.

Speaking of O-Fest,  if you want to add to your official bumper sticker collection, they are available at various locations around Mount Angel or just e-mail your address and quantity to and they will happily send you some… tell ’em The Man sent you….

It’s starting. A production contractor in a German automotive factory was killed by the robot he was programing.Prosecutors in Frankfurt are considering whether to bring charges, and if so, against whom…”What do you think you’re doing, HAL?”

Silverton’s Got Talent… No, not you, but other people do and they will be on stage at the Silverton Senior Center on Saturday, Aug. 1. A measly $5 will get you into the talent show and a BBQ is included in the price… Such a deal. Call 503-873-3093 for more info.

Soooo, you’re enjoying another hot summer day in Our Town’s sizzling Silverton and you notice a large plume of dark smoke rising on the horizon.Is it a bona fide apocalyptic inferno threatening to turn the entire area into a wasteland of smoke and ash or just another controlled field burn? Before you pack up the minivan and hightail it for safety, The Man suggests you click on over to Silverton Fire District’s Facebook page where Chief Bill Miles and the crew do their best to inform you whether to throw your hands in the air and run away screaming or to calm down and find something else to panic about.

Speaking of keeping calm, in case you haven’t noticed, we live in an agricultural area. In agricultural areas there are farms and on farms there is equipment, large equipment that is ill-suited for flying-from-field to field, soooo, during harvest some of the equipment is gonna be on the roads which requires patience. A little patience may require going a little slower than you’d like for a few minutes, but it’s not like you won’t get where you’re going or that it justifies making an unsafe passing attempt so chill out… Unless, of course you’re being chased by a huge fire….

See you on the street…..


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