Inspiring countryside: Jane Castelan Buccola creates art festival poster

July 2015 Posted in Arts, Culture & History, People
Jane Castelan Buccola’s artwork was chosen for the 2015 Silverton Art Festival poster.  Photo by Kate Cosgrove

Jane Castelan Buccola’s artwork was chosen for the 2015 Silverton Art Festival poster. Photo by Kate Cosgrove

By Kate Cosgrove

A drive in the countryside is what provided Silverton resident Jane Castelan Buccola, 69, with the inspiration to create the painting that became the 15th annual Silverton Art Festival poster.

The festival will be Aug. 15 – 16 in Coolidge McClaine Park in Silverton.

Jane recently met with Our Town to share her work and thoughts on what makes Silverton such a wonderful and supportive arts community. She is a member of Lunaria Galley, 113 N. Water St.

What inspired you to create the poster? I was driving by a field of cows in the countryside and thought painting that would be a great idea because cows are such a common sight on the outskirts of Silverton. I believe that the cows are a strong symbol of Silverton agriculture and the farm life that surrounds this town is what makes it so unique and beautiful.

What does the Silverton Art Festival mean to you?  The festival means a great celebration of art in the community. I enjoy seeing people bring in their artwork. The festival is one big art party.

What was one of your most memorable art projects?  I went to a portrait class when I was 19 and did a portrait from a picture of woman from The National Geographic. It was (an) awakening for me because I realized that I was good at it. My dad was surprised at my natural talent.

Where do you get your inspiration for art? Looking at other artists work inspires me, as well as something beautiful in nature. I have mainly done and been inspired by any kind of beauty in representational art, but I have recently moved into abstract art, which means seeking and pulling out the beauty in ordinary things.

Why would you encourage people to attend the festival? Bringing their children could inspire future artists, and overall broaden people’s art experience. Most importantly though, supporting other artists in the community and the heart of the Art Center in Silverton by attending the festival.

What are some misconceptions about art? That it looks easy. It’s not, it takes study and practice. That prices are too high. Some people don’t realize how many hours and how much education goes into good art.

What are your current projects or challenges in your art right now? My journey into abstract art recently, it’s about letting imagination take over rather than just imitating nature and letting my intuitive mind take over. Abstract art is all about exploring within.

What is a common thread throughout your work? Before I started creating abstract work, it was landscape and about pulling the beauty out in nature and reproducing it. I focus on the striking light contrasts, water reflections and lush green trees that are a big part of Oregon. There are so many beautiful and stark landscapes in Oregon, so much beauty. I also am a “en plein air” artist, which is a French word for in open air. I love painting outside in fresh air. I work primarily in pastels because pastel is a pure pigment held together with a tiny bit of binder. Colors stay fresh for the life of the painting.

To see Buccola’s art, visit Facebook and search Jane Castelan Buccola.


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