Scotts Mills: Fleischman elected

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Joe Fleischman

Joe Fleischman

By Brenna Wiegand

All’s well that ends well.

Scotts Mills has a new mayor, thanks to 11th-hour write-in campaigns by Joe Fleischman and Paul Brakeman for the Nov. 4 election. Fleischman won the election with 34 votes; Brakeman had 25 votes and 22 voters wrote in other candidates. The open city council seat was filled by write-in candidate Dusty Craig.

Fleischman, his wife Trish and their sons Brody, 3, and Logan, 8, moved from Sherwood to Scotts Mills two years ago.

“Our heart and soul are committed to this city,” he said. “We care about our neighbors, students and want our city to continue being a safe and beautiful place to live.”

Trish has served on city council since they came to Scotts Mills and the couple have been involved at Scotts Mills School, helping bring all-day kindergarten to the school and working to increase its enrollment and stability. Joe and Trish remodeled the girls’ restroom.

Joe served five years active duty as a US Marine and 12 years in Oregon Army National Guard. He served in operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield and Iraqi Freedom before being medically discharged. He’s a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder. The mayor’s goals include finding funding for gravel sidewalks and safer crosswalks and preserving the uniqueness of Scotts Mills, population 360, give or take.

“…People enjoy their privacy but at the same time are very warm and very welcoming,” Fleischman said. “That feeling is the thing that’s going to separate us from everyone else.”

In a roundup of other Scotts Mills news:

Christmas Tree, Firewood Auction

Scotts Mills holds its Christmas tree lighting and chili feed at 6 pm Tuesday, Dec. 2 at the city park. Donations of nonperishable food and/or new, unwrapped toys to help stock Scotts Mills Food Cupboard are encouraged; donations of tree lights are also welcome. Lydia Stoddard, 503-873-5295.

The city is auctioning cords of firewood to offset costs of the tree lighting. Submit bids at city hall or call 503-873-5435

Toy Drive Benefits Scotts Mills Families

Enjoy live entertainment Saturday, Dec. 13 at Monitor Inn’s “After Hours” event starting at 9 p.m. In lieu of a cover charge, bring nonperishable food items and/or new, unwrapped toys for donation to Scotts Mills Food Cupboard.

Winter Hat Drive

Scotts Mills Friends Church is collecting handmade and purchased winter hats for children through Dec. 15. Drop them off at the church or the community center.

Christmas Food Boxes

Items are needed to provide food boxes to local families. Drop off nonperishable food items at the Community Center (corner of Grandview and 4th) or at the school, the post office and city hall by Dec. 16. Families who would like a Christmas box should sign up 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesdays at the community center through Dec. 2. Call Niki Barber at 503-873-5059.

Fire hydrant contest

The city of Scotts Mills recently painted the city’s 21 fire hydrants as different characters or themes. The project, started by Penny McKibbin, was completed by Amanda Belding. The city is holding a contest to encourage residents to find them. To enter, locate the hydrants and write the location and description of each. Include your name, phone number and e-mail address and drop them at city hall by Dec. 15. Entry forms may be found in the city newsletter or at city hall. Every correct five hydrants will be entered in a prize drawing.

Longtime Postmaster Dies

Laurel Milmore, Scotts Mills Postmaster for more than 20 years, died Nov. 1. Born Sept. 8, 1956, she was installed as postmaster in 1993 and worked diligently toward the building of a new post office, which was realized in 1997. She beat both breast cancer and brain cancer in the last six years. When she was diagnosed with bone cancer last November she decided not to fight it. She retired April 1, 2014, after more than 30 years of service to United States Postal Service.

After her retirement she had a wonderful vacation in Hawaii and spoke of looking forward to “going home to Heaven.”

Her memorial service is Dec. 6, 2 p.m. , at Scotts Mills Grange.

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