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November 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Fix Eugene Field  

I took advantage of the Eugene Field open house on Oct. 3. I expected it to be a dreadful experience after all the negative publicity. Instead, I found a very charming school. Of course a 93-year-old building will need repairs and upgrading if it has not been maintained. No bad smells, wide halls, classrooms decorated by children’s art and very friendly and dedicated teachers.

Bathrooms were clean. Gym floor was highly policed and even the basement kitchen prep area was adequate. Living in our house of 100 plus years those owners before us and now ourselves have constently made repairs as needed and upgraded electricity, plumbing etc. We saw nothing in Eugene Field, which could not be improved or fixed. If the superintendent and school board present and past had not neglected their responsibilities since the first bond levy in 1975, we would have a modern, updated historic building that is a credit to Silverton. There seemed to be an attitude of “why fix anything” when we can get the public to fund a new facility through their property taxes. The school board says the “no” voters “just do not understand.” I think members of the board are the ones who just do not understand the wishes of the majority. Fix what we have and Eugene Field will be an up-to-date charming and historic school of which we can be proud.

Craig Clark


Don’t insult the voters 

This is an effort for me to voice my opinion about the mailing that Stu Rasmussen sent all over the 97381 zip code.

First of all – slamming your opponent and talking “trash” is an immature approach.  Stu begins his rant by accusing Rick Lewis of using “expensive” advertising – and applauding himself for using, what I can only guess, is his partner’s printing press, to distribute his attempt at earning my vote.

Second – this entire piece, aside from the first two paragraphs, is verbatim, the text that was printed in the Appeal Tribune a couple of weeks ago.  We read it once Stu… we don’t need to read it again.

The only point that Stu is trying to make is to point fingers at everyone for judging him for being an analytical nerd and for being transgendered.  Memo to Stu – the fact that you think that the residents of Silverton are so unevolved that we can’t get past the fact that you have breast implants is insulting.  We are in Oregon for crying out loud.  It’s a weird state, and you aren’t the weirdest thing in it.

If any candidate wants to earn an honest and thoughtful vote, then be an honest and thoughtful person.  Maturity and tact go a long way. I am a former Marine and I served my country to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy – voting included.

Melanie Bjerke


Time for new mayor 

Please join me in voting for Rick Lewis as our new mayor. It’s time we have a mayor able to lead and conduct important council meetings and allow them to do the job we elected them to do. Out with the old, in with the new. Now is the time – get rid of Stu.

Mert Edgar




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