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October 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

At the risk of being accused of “contributing to the delinquency of a senior,”  the Silverton Senior Center invites you to “Rock the Casino” at Seven Brides Brewery on Oct. 18. A $25 donation buys you scrip (advance purchase gets you a scrip “bonus”) to play the casino-style games and then bid on auction items with your “winnings.” Tickets are available at Seven Brides, the Senior Center and the Silverton Chamber of Commerce. Call 503-873-3093 for the details and get ready to get lucky….

A professor of veterinary behavior in England recently did a study that proves the obvious… your cat hates you. The study found cats have an “anxious avoidance” trait which means they do not care whether their owners are present or not…. Well, duh….

Speaking of cats, a big dangerous mountain lion was spotted lurking about Evans Valley/ Forest Ridge Road and this cat probably hates you, too.

If you have been looking for one place to find locally sourced food items, Stacy Higby and Elyse McGowan Kidd have started Local Motive – Silverton Food Co-op. Visit their Facebook page while the gals complete their search for an appropriate storefront.

Whether you are for or against the school bond, have strong feelings about the mayor candidates, or think the city council should be replaced by trained monkeys (don’t get excited, that is NOT one of the choices on the ballot), take a little time to inform yourself and VOTE… It’s been said that “we get the government we deserve” so make sure your voice is heard Nov. 4.

Judy Schmidt

Judy Schmidt

As the leaves fall and the temperature drops, please consider donating to the annual Coats for Kids drive. New or “gently used” coats, hats, gloves, mittens and scarves can be dropped off by Oct. 26 at your church, Silverton Together (421 S. Water St.) or other participating sites. All sizes will be happily accepted.

As I’m sure you have all heard by now, Silverton lost an iconic figure when Judy Schmidt recently passed. I, like many, struggled with the words to convey the unfairness of the debilitating disease that took her from us. As The Man spent some time last week on the flanks of Mt. Rainier reflecting on the Judy I knew, it occurred to me that I could not think of anyone that didn’t like her… Zero, zip, nada, there must be somebody but I couldn’t come up with a single person… How many of us can say that?… Certainly not me. As we go through life, we encounter a wide range of people, some are evil, angry, sad, boring, some are happy, kind-hearted, inspiring and they all influence us in some way. Then there are those few, rare individuals that somehow make you a better person, just by being around them. I can count on one hand the people I have encountered in my life that fit into this category and Judy is one of them. Our world is a little dimmer without her in it, but I’m quite certain that she has already made heaven a better place…. and that the first annual Pearly Gates Fun Run is already scheduled for next May…

See you on the street…

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