The Old Curmudgeon: Dancing in 3/4 time…

October 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

The Old CurmudgeonBy Vern Holmquist

The next big event is Oct. 4 with the Sidewalk Shindig.  It’s a love-of-our-city event. It’s a way to show how proud we are of Silverton and how we know how to have fun in our city.

There will be music throughout the historic downtown district, in the stores, on the sidewalks, in the alley ways – music to fit all tastes from steel drums to harps, from Jazz to Gospel,hoedowns to lowdowns. You can hear it here, all for free, no reservations accepted, all in one day beginning at noon.

Oh, by the way, yours truly,  the Old Curmudgeon,  is scheduled to appear at Mac’s Place at 5 p.m. to reintroduce the most romantic, the most graceful and the easiest to learn of our social dances – the waltz. Ladies held in the arms of men respectfully, and slowing our world down to ¾ time. A change from from the hectic tribal exercises we see on dance floors today.

Whether beginner or expert, come join in.


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