Man About Town: It’s a doggone – Shame

August 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

Man About TownBy Jim Kinghorn

The Man and Manette attended the recent annual fundraiser for Silverton Area Community Aid and were struck by the generosity of those in attendance. The festive affair at the home of Ron and Jane Jones generated nearly $50,000 to support SACA’s mission of providing assistance to those in need. The committee, the Jones’, the many folks in attendance, those are some good people right there. Ron was even there despite having to hobble around on his recently injured leg…..heal up fast, Ron, The Man wants a ride in the Daytona….

If you have got a hankerin’, for some salty air with your sausage, Jim Hoke has opened a new Mount Angel Sausage location on the bay front in Newport…

Speaking of Mount Angel, South End Antiques is slated to open soon in the old Wilco building, Bochsler’s Hardware got a facelift and there are rumors that a vodka distillery is going in the defunct Mount Angel Events Center….

Speaking of (sorta) sausage, local Vege-preneur, Molly Ainsley has a possible deal in the works to have In-N-Out Burger add her Hemp Burger to its menu. If you want to help a local business expand, go to , click on the “Contact” tab and tell ‘em you want to see the Hemp Burger from Sorta Sausage on the menu…

If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like to “put the wet stuff on the red stuff” (that’s what you call “fireman talk”) or just to learn more about the fire department, Rick Heuchert is working on a Citizens Fire Academy to be held in October. Included in the training is a basic CPR class which is something everyone should take. Having witnessed a near drowning at the reservoir last week, The Man is pretty sure the young man would have been a victim if his buddies hadn’t jumped in and known enough to keep him going until the medics arrived. Contact Rick at or 503-873-5328 for more information…

It’s a busy summer up at The Oregon Garden Resort with lots of guests……including Seattle Seahawk and Super Bowl winning quarterback Russell Wilson…… (Ya ever wonder if seahawks are offended by the team’s name?…)

Anyone that knows The Man knows that I like to get out and hike and take pretty pictures of the splendor that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by in the Northwest. Being as Bella the Wonderdog is my usual companion and photo assistant, I was quite disappointed to learn that dogs are not allowed on the trails at Mt. St. Helens… What, an environment that survived a cataclysmic eruption of biblical proportions including the biggest landslide in the history of history is gonna be somehow ruined by a stray dog turd? Do the deer and elk have porta-potties to keep their “business” off the ground? We all know what the bears do in the woods… They say the scent of a dog can “scare off the animals” but I’m left to wonder if the scent of, say, a mountain lion makes small furry animals feel secure… and I didn’t see any signs suggesting to leave your mountain lions at home. Come on now people, as so often happens, some bureaucrat in DC that doesn’t even like to be outdoors made a stupid rule about some imaginary “conflicts” and now we the people can’t take our furry friends on vacation with us. It’s just stupid. Hmmm, maybe if I shave my golden retriever to look like a cougar….

See you on the street…..

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