Letter to the Editor: The community’s effort grants Mr. Recker’s wish

June 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

When I first met with Silver Crest Principal Mark Recker several months ago, I asked him if he had a “bucket list” of items that he would like to fulfill. I recall he chuckled and said, “No, not really.” Not too many days had passed after that meeting when Mark called me asking to meet once again. He said he would like to find a way to fund the creation of stone pillars and a permanent sign that embodied the guiding philosophy of the school and the Silver Crest community. It was obvious to me he spent many hours collecting his thoughts and ideas and he was very serious with his quest.

Recently, this newspaper printed an article about the completion of the sign and what it represented. However, there is still one story that has yet to be told. A most sincere thank you is owed to the individuals and businesses involved in helping to bring the Mark Recker and Silver Crest sign project to fruition. I believe it is important for the Silverton community to hear how generous some of our local businesses are and what they offered in an effort to fulfill Mr. Recker’s wishes. I truly hope I have not left any business or person’s name out of the list below, there were many.

Thank you to the Silver Crest students, the Silver Crest staff and boosters, and the friends and families in the Silver Crest community who dug deep in their pockets during a Turkey Trot, holiday programs and general fundraising efforts.

Thank you to Mike Wellman-architect in Silverton who drew the site and construction plans for the project.  He did not charge a penny for his efforts.

Thank you to K & E Excavating Inc. (John, Kerry and Eric Kuenzi) who sent a crew to the school to dig the footings, conduit paths and general site preparation. K & E did all the work for free; and in addition, were the primary benefactor that allowed the project to meet its financial needs.

Thank you to David Leikem of Leikem Construction. David donated many hours of construction oversight and labor to the project. His level of commitment and attention to detail is most greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the Gallon House.  This amazing place was bombarded one night during a fundraising event and the staff was exceptionally pleasant in a very overwhelming situation.  Thanks Casey and your staff for all you did that night.

Thank you to Outlaw Steel and Design.  Owners Bill and Jackie donated a good portion of their costs and created a beautiful and long lasting steel sign to the Silver Crest community.

Thank you to Kuenzi Electric. Owner Wes Kuenzi donated labor and reduced material costs that now allow the sign and pillars to be illuminated at night.

Thank you to Eberle Concrete. Troy Eberle and his father Bob donated time and labor to help create a foundation that will last for many years.

Thank you to Abiqua Landcape Products.  Owner Bill Wolford donated several yards of top soil, gravel, and bark dust towards the project allowing the landscaping to begin.

Thank you Miller Industries. Owner Byron Miller crafted and donated the brackets that now hold the sign.

Thank you to Kaufman Masonry.  Owners Fred and Rodney Kaufman donated labor and reduced material costs for the final stone work.

Thank you to Wither’s Lumber. Manager Ryan Brock donated construction materials.

Thank you to River Bend Concrete for reduced concrete costs.

Thank you to Superindent Andy Bellando for eliminating red tape and allowing us to invade your little school.

Thank you to all of the following who donated money and items for the sign fundraiser: (I am certain there were many more names than what are listed below and for you that I have missed acknowledging my sincere apologies…but also…my sincere thanks for your generosity.)

Thank you to the Homer Davenport Association, CenturyLink, Flat Tail Brewery, Branches and Blooms/Main Street Coffee and Bistro, Howard Hinsdale Wine Bar, Silver Falls YMCA, Rijn Staats and Alicia Hollis, Drakes Crossing Nursery, Katie’s Natural Hair Design, Ken Johnston, Jim and Karin Hobbs, Denise Kuenzi, John and Inga Mannion, Cindy and Morry Jones and Jim and Nikkie McIntire

Eric Anderson


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