The Man About Town: Technology – Sure smells good

March 2014 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

man-about-town-mug1By Jim Kinghorn

In these uncertain economic times, one thing that is certain is that more people are in need and the demand at places like Silverton Area Community Aid and Mission Benedict is high. To help fill that need there are several organizations holding food drives to help keep the shelves full. Silverton Rotary’s 25th annual food drive is happening now thru April 2 at businesses around the area. Look for the signs or for information about where you can give food or money, call Arlene Harris at 503-873-4994.  Dr. Michael Kim’s annual drive will be held April 18-19. Volunteers are needed to distribute sacks and also to go back and pick up the full bags. Call 503-873-3530 today for information on how to help. Tell ‘em The Man sent you….

In the words of  Patches O’Houlihan “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” and on Saturday, April 5 you will get a chance to see if that’s true at the 5th annual Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Donate Dodgeball tournament. The double elimination tournament will be played in the Silverton High gym starting at 9 a.m. and promises to be quite the hoot. It is a major fundraiser for Project Graduation.

Silverton Police Chief Jeff Fossholm reports that if you have a utility trailer you might want to make sure it’s secure. Apparently several have recently wandered off on their own….

Better lace up those running shoes and start training now for a couple of new longer events during the Mount Angel Oktoberfest. The 2014 Oregon Marathon and Half Marathon O’fest Saturday will be the only Boston Marathon qualifying race in the state. It is expected to draw an additional 3,000 runners to find that “All roads lead to Mount Angel.” No word yet on if Jim Hoke will be serving up big plates of sausage and kraut at the half way point…

“Mural Man” Vince Till is looking for donations to fund a new mural honoring Silverton’s Sweetheart, Norma Jean Branstetter. The mural will be installed on the south side of  Norma Jean’s Silverton Flower shop so she can blush every time she comes to work….for more info or to contribute, call Vince at 503-873-6572…

Speaking of murals , if you have ever been on a walk around town and stopped to admire one of the 25 depictions of our heritage, thank Vince Till…. If you have ever enjoyed the carefully maintained  flowers and landscaping, thank Vince Till… If you have ever had a tour led by the nice man in the blue overalls, bought a mural related book or post card or noticed tourists that stopped in our fair city to do the mural walk, thank Vince Till. Vince and his wife, Babs have announced that after over 20 years it’s time for some new volunteers to step up and keep the murals a vital part of Silverton…Join The Man in saying  Thank you, Vince Till!

Ya know, a couple years ago The Man joined the ranks of the cool kids and got one of those smarty pants phones. I had pretty much figured if my phone would make phone calls, it was good enough for me. Over time, I’ve come to enjoy all of the various apps and options that smart phone connectivity affords me and now couldn’t live without. Unfortunately I have been frustrated by the one feature that I (and let’s face it, you too) have always been missing….my phone didn’t smell like bacon. Thankfully (I hear your rejoicing) that will soon change with a new app from that Silicon Valley high tech company, Oscar Mayer, that will correct that grievous oversight of technology that we shouldn’t have to live without (and no, I am not making this up)…..My life is now complete….

See you on the street….


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