Lessons for life: Part-time jobs prepare students to multi-task

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JFK Valedictorians: Sadie Manley, Mackenzie Kloft and Liana Bryde.

JFK Valedictorians: Sadie Manley, Mackenzie Kloft and Liana Bryde.

By Kristine Thomas

Besides taking demanding classes, participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering in the community, Kennedy High School seniors Sadie Manley, Liana Bryde and Mackenzie Kloft also have part-time jobs.

Add to that they are tops in their class.

Sadie and Liana are the valedictorians for the Kennedy High School Class of 2013 and Mackenzie is the salutatorian. All three students are interested in pursuing careers in the medical field – Liana plans to attend Western Oregon with the goal of becoming a physical therapist. Sadie and Mackenzie plan to attend the University of Oregon. Sadie’s goal is to become a pharmacist and Mackenzie wants to become a physician’s assistant.

Sadie works at Evergreen Golf Course, Liana at Mount Angel Dental Clinic for Dr. Shauna Pier and Mackenzie at Century Oaks Packaging Co.

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“With all our jobs, we have to think,” Sadie said. “We can’t just turn our brains off.”

For example, her job helps hone her memorization skills, as she has to know the names of the regular golfers. Liana is learning the fine art of multi-tasking as she has to greet patients, answers phones and complete paperwork.

“With my job, I have to pay attention to the details and know everything about a patient, like which ones can’t have x-rays,” Liana said. “I have to be constantly thinking ahead.”

Able to identify whether a slab of meat is beef or pork and whether it is a shoulder or a thigh, Mackenzie said she is learning how to problem solve, understand how the quality of her work has an impact on the company’s bottom line and people skills. She’s grateful to Mike and Patty Kloft for hiring her to work in Mount Angel.

All three said having a part-time job has prepared them to be successful in college and life.

JFK Valedictorians
Liana Bryde

The daughter of Mary and Larry Bryde, Liana plans to attend Western Oregon University to major in biology and minor in Spanish.  She will then attend Pacific University’s school of physical therapy for her doctorate degree.

Sadie Manley

The daughter of John and Gina Manley, Sadie plans to attend the University of Oregon to major in chemistry and then to attend a school of pharmacy to receive her doctor of pharmacy degree.

JFK Salutatorian

Mackenzie Lee Kloft

The daughter of Tom and Suzie Kloft, Mackenzie plans to attend the University of Oregon. After graduating, she  plans  to attend either OHSU or Pacific University to become a physician’s assistant.

Liana Bryde

As a child, Liana said she wanted to become a dentist.

“Then, I decided I didn’t want to stare at people’s teeth all day,” she said.

She’s grateful for Dr. Shauna Pier and the staff at Mount Angel Dental Clinic for what they have taught her.

“I love the work environment at the office,” she said. “Everyone is so nice, respectful, kind and helpful.”

With the telephone ringing off the hook and patients waiting to be greeted, she’s learned to multi-task, problem solve, work with patients and staff and time management.  She enjoys the fast-pace.

“When I am doing my job, I think about how I can help the patient in the short amount of time I will be working with them,” she said.

She also volunteers at the Providence Benedictine Nursing Center in the activities department.

“Both volunteering and working have taught me to focus on what needs to be done at that moment,” she said. “It’s taught me the importance of responsibility and to understand how I do my job has an impact on my employer.”

During her first two years of high school, Liana said she didn’t do half as much volunteering – instead focusing on her homework. By working and volunteering in, she has learned a great deal about herself and what she wants to do for a career.

“I enjoy helping people and I know I want to spend my life helping people,” she said.

Mackenzie Kloft

Working at Century Oak Packaging Co., has taught Mackenzie useful job skills.

Mackenzie Kloft, Sadie Manley, and Liana Bryde.

Mackenzie Kloft, Sadie Manley, and Liana Bryde.

“I have learned how to be goal efficient,” she said. “I know how to get a job done quickly and done correctly. It has taught me how to be more patient and how to solve problems quickly. ”

She sold the product at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market last summer, which helped her with working with the public.

“I have learned how to initiate conversations with people I haven’t met before,” she said. “Working at the market has taught me how to welcome people and answer their questions. Sometimes I can be a little cynical.”

She also does a “lot of cleaning” of the facility and equipment and packages the product.

“What I enjoy about working there is they are always so polite,” she said. “They don’t tell me to do something. Instead, they ask ‘would you like to…” and of course I will do what needs to get done. As class president, I used what I have learned on my job.”

Initially, she said, she wanted to be an architect but decided she wasn’t “creative enough.” Now she’s thinking about either sports medicine or orthopedics. She knows she wants to have a career that is fast-paced and challenges her.

On top of her school work and activities, she works 30 hours a week during the school year and 50 to 60 hours a week during the summer.

“My job has taught me time management skills,” she said. “I have learned how to do what I have to do rather than what I want to do. It has also taught me the importance of being polite and saying please and thank you. I really appreciate how my employers treat me as a professional. It makes the job more enjoyable.”

Sadie Manley

Last summer, Sadie worked at a nursery where she said she basically turned her brain off. Working at the golf course has required her to be constantly thinking.

“I didn’t know anything about golf when I started my job this spring,” she said. “I tried playing it once and wasn’t very good.”

She’s quickly learning the golf “lingo,” as well as golf etiquette – such as when to drive the food and beverage cart and when to stop. She’s memorizing the members’ names and what they like to eat and drink.

“I am starting to like golf more,” she said.

“I like working on sunny days because everyone is happy to be at the golf course doing something they enjoy.”

She also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. Both her job and volunteer work have taught her how to work with people. She also knows she needs a job where she is doing something different every day.

“Working at the golf course has taught me how to take into consideration all the different variables and what the outcome will be,” she said, adding that is a skill she can use when she becomes a pharmacist.

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