People Out Loud: Pondering why it’s the way it is

April 2013 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Dixon Bledsoe

Sometimes I wonder:

Why people throw trash carelessly in our beautiful state? My wife, daughter and I took a pre-dawn walk on a gorgeous Lincoln City beach during spring break and lost our natural “high” looking for fishing floats put out by the Chamber of Commerce. The bubble-bursters? Lower life forms who throw trash and cigarette butts anywhere they get the urge. Do they not understand how lucky we are to live here, and that little feet usually lose the battle with beer tabs and broken glass? Maybe they were benevolent in thinking someone wanted the last three Doritos in their bag. More likely that the trash can, some 200 feet away, was a hurdle they just couldn’t clear. They are true “April Fools.” Do we have another Tom McCall out there who can instill some sense of pride and personal responsibility again when it comes to public lands? Bring back Woodsy, the U.S. Forest Service owl with his “Give a hoot. Don’t pollute” campaign. Give polluters the boot.

Who is our Mike McLaran. The personable, civic-minded Salem leader died recently at 53, but the testimonials and accolades are still pouring in from his legion of fans. Who in Silverton clearly listens to each side and brings people together seeking common sense solutions to complex problems? Sticking to your guns is fine until you shoot yourself in the foot. It saddens me because even though some try, no one stands out anymore.

If there is anyone who works harder or cares more about keeping Silverton charming than Vince Till. Say “thanks” to him when you see him working on murals, putting “Bobby” back together again when some loser vandalizes our local canine icon, painting the Main Street Bridge or stooping to pick up trash. If you don’t know him, you need to. He’s in overalls and a straw hat. Norman Rockwell would have loved and painted Vince Till.

How people can leave a public restroom without washing their hands. Talk about “Germ Central Station.”  My experience, of course, is with my male brethren. When I see a “gentleman” leave the restroom and grab the hand of his child or significant other, it is very tempting to let them know that “Daddy” or “Joe-Bob” is bringing them an ugly gift that keeps on giving.

If anyone read my column about it being legal going west on “C” Street from First Street and turning left onto the one-way portion of North Water Street (heading south) on a red light after stopping and checking traffic ahead and to your right. Please don’t honk at me for making the legal turn but please stop at the stop sign by the Post Office when you are driving from the west (heading east) on C Street and wish to turn right onto the one-way portion of North Water. “Stop” means stop. The stop sign is not connected to the light. Go when it is safe but be careful of people coming from your left. If you still have doubts, ask the police department.

How many people know that your motor vehicle tags expire on the date of the month you registered your car and not at the end of the month on the tag.  A nice police offer pulled me over for a minor infraction (thanks for the warning, by the way) and also noted that my tags were expired. I was going to loan him my glasses for obvious reasons since it was March 17th and we were both looking directly at my tags, marked “03” and “13.” He explained that most people believe they have until the end of the month. Not so, and thank you, Officer.

How Lance Armstrong can argue with a straight face why he shouldn’t have to pay back millions in corporate prize money for winning the Tour De France. Here’s a buck.

Buy a clue. In God We Trust. In Lance, no more.

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