The Old Curmudgeon: Profit versus humanity?

September 2012 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Other

By Vern Holmquist

Well, by the time this hits your mailbox Mount Angel will be in the middle of Oktoberfest.

The Bavarians will teach us all how to dance to the umpa sounds of the polka, hoist our glasses in salute to their fine beer, and stuff ourselves with their light cuisine of sauerkraut and wurst. I intend to do it all and then some.

Oktoberfest is a wonderful time to see my friends while meeting some new ones and enjoy celebrating the music, food and beer that goes with it. A great time for all.

What else in the entertainment world?

Oh yes, there was the Republican Party Convention and Hurricane Isaac, both disastrous and not to be made fun of, however, one should not be hard pressed to find some levity in the former.

We met Mitt, the businessman, the handsome clean shaven, proud father of five stamped-to-order sons and a drop dead beautiful wife. Hey! What’s not to like? Yet everything did not go smoothly.

There was the long powerful speech by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who seemed to be saying to the Republican crowd, “I would have been a better candidate but then I can wait for 2016 when Obama will not be on the ticket.”

Then the love and kisses. I can’t understand why all of you don’t love Romney, but it’s true that a few Republicans have confessed that they don’t love their candidate. His wife, Ann Romney, declared he’s perfect but there is nothing better than having a devoted spouse.

So far, not too bad, but then came vice presidential candidate Sen. Paul Ryan with his dire picture of doom which kind of reminded me of Chicken Little running around screaming “The Sky is Falling.” Never mind the guy can’t get his facts straight.

Then Clint Eastwood’s preview of his upcoming epic “Who Shot The Empty Chair?” seemed to put the house in a state of shock. Then I noticed there was no chair for Dubya, the man everyone hoped we would forget.

All in all, I was left with the impression the GOP was in a desperate mode, not sure they had chosen the right man – a man who blames all his unsavory business deals and shady unpatriotic money handling on his crew of accountants, leaving his hands squeaky clean. His excuses did not fly with me. He does whatever it takes to win.

The words “Profit vs Humanity” burned into my head.

The Democrats opened their conference with the theme of humanity given first priority. Our country’s woes were addressed – not hid, and remedies were honestly laid out in a way people could understand. Obama’s achievements were well noted as well as still unfilled promises. There was an admission that we still have a long way to go in digging our way out of the hole dug by the previous administration. All of the speakers hit home runs and the Babe Ruth of politics, Bill Clinton,  knocked one over the outfield fence.

In all my 91 years, I have never witnessed as much enthusiasm, sheer joy, and above all hope, that I saw in the eyes of the Democratic delegates.

Well, now it is up to you to vote. Will you choose profit or humanity?

Vote your priority.

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