Something for the Soul: Sometimes unnoticed – Generosity should not go unappreciated

September 2012 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Winnie BoltonWinnie Bolton

Presently, most disasters make the headlines.

Nothing has changed in reporting news stories for years. The shocking, the misfortunes, the highly disturbing catastrophes reach out to our inquisitive minds.

We are so accustomed to the sensational that we feel out of touch with humanity if a week or dare I say a few days go by without reading or hearing on TV the latest shock-a-roo somewhere.

Yet there is so much goodness occurring under our very noses that is quiet, sometimes delicate, taken for granted, that when pronouncing subtle you don’t hear the “b” sound, do you?

Two, four, six, eight – what makes our communities great?

Is it the understated caring we have for one another that goes on unexpectedly? It’s not unseen or yet is it?

The caring unites us as human beings and we respond automatically. How natural, how inspiring!

When hardships occur in people’s lives, we answer as best we can to support our friend, family member or even strangers – whether physically, mentally, emotionally, in charity or in prayer.

It’s a beautiful, mysterious response and we do it automatically with our kids, spouses, neighbors, friends even with people who we don’t know that well.

Think about it. And remember even the simplest acts of kindness – like note to a friend stating you are thinking about her, holding the door open for a stranger or bringing a meal to a family – are appreciated.

The summer is turning a corner and with that thought approaching comes the promise of our proud Oktoberfest offerings and opportunities to serve and celebrate with all who come to our wonderful town whose population is only 3,800 or there about.

Two, four, six, eight – again what makes our communities so great?

Again the answer – just another one – why of course our schools, our dedicated teachers. When immersed in learning – joy calculates the rewards binding students and teachers together.

Where else could one feel as close to their creator as when the knowledge teachers impart improves the life of another human being?

Teachers are reservoirs from which students draw the water of life yet the hours of their preparation – often arriving early in the morning and staying late – go unnoticed.

The monetary renumeration may be little but their devotion is the unaired reward like a mild stir in the atmosphere, a light breeze in the awakening of a child’s potential and curiosity.

A heart felt thank you to all who give back to their community. We don’t say thank you enough.

All of you workers, servers, cooks and countless volunteers at Oktoberfest – the dancers, singers and musicians we love you for your generosity. A thank you to our teachers, city councilors, school board members, fire, police and maintenance crew – all of you are what makes our communities so great. So much goodness, kindness and generosity happening right before us, every day.

Take the time to say thank you to those who give.

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