Something for the Soul: A crash writing course

August 2012 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Winnie Bolton Winnie Bolton

When I feel I am about all written out and can’t come up with something interesting to write for this column, I remind myself that writing is a process of unlocking our unconscious mind and discovering our inner truths.

The creative unconscious is so much more knowledgeable and patient than we are.

It’s like when your heart is full of love and you give it away freely like a child does, the love never dries up.

It’s an unending flow of innocent, pure creative energy.

So, I’ll plop myself somewhere and start writing out what’s running through my brain.

Of course, I don’t always know what will come but giving my thoughts free rein the message comes with nourishing feelings following – if it’s to be.

That was exactly how I promoted story writing with second grade students years ago.

All youngsters can tell stories or tales, their minds being alive and innovative, so I helped them put the words onto paper.

Writing can start incredibly young, being nothing more than the next transitional step in education.

Children have different temperaments and energy levels. I understand that but I was most interested in their self-confidence level which began right there in the classroom.

I listened to their story telling abilities, respected their sharing by telling them so, then encouraged them to put the words on paper. They delivered thoughts and feelings that came straight from their hearts, taking ownership of a sad or happy or exciting experiences.

Sometimes it was a struggle for them to get just one line on paper. It’s amazing how a little encouragement can lead to another sentence and then another and before they know it, they are writing stories.

And it was pure joy for me urging them on with patience, discipline and lots of hugs, seeing the dance in their eyes when they completed the monumental task.

There’s no way to go but up after that happens, with the child’s confidence in him or herself increasing.

Finally coming to the gist of this month’s column – it’s accomplished.

Since writing is a process of discovering our inner truths and developing authenticity which is rare and precious, these second graders were able to go home and exclaim “look mom and dad, see what I wrote all by myself in class today.”

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