The Old Curmudgeon: ‘Occupy’ rallies hope

November 2011 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

I attend my first Occupy Wall Street assembly on Nov. 5 in Silverton. I found it to be an interesting affair. My big question is why has it taken so long? We should have seen years ago what the 1 percent and their corporate world had in store for the 99 percent of us. Twenty years ago, a real estate agent I had great respect for told me, “There is a huge river of money running through our great country, the problem is it is being funneled into a small barrel where it does little to irrigate the land and it does not grow the economy.”  That 1 percent in the barrel now owns 40 percent of our nation’s wealth.The people I saw at the Occupy Silverton rally were not a radical bunch. Instead, they were intelligient, middle class people who have witnessed their stake in the world stagnate while the super rich get richer and for the young people the chance of obtaining the American Dream more remote.

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