People Out Loud: A thankful thank you

November 2011 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Dixon BledsoePeople Out Loud

Fall is winding down with Thanksgiving just around the corner. Traditionally columnists share what they are thankful for, and while it pains me to be cliché, simply saying “thanks” has merit. Plus, originality can be overrated.

I am thankful there are kids in our community who understand they are not the center of the universe. Kids like Wyatt Green, 13, who posted on Facebook, “Not having a turkey on Thanksgiving is like not having a cake on your birthday.” He is collecting funds to buy turkeys for SACA, and the response is nearly overwhelming. The techno-savvy young man, son of Rosi and Ben Green, has received Facebook pledges of money from people who appreciate his selfless, can-do attitude. Who doesn’t love an entrepreneur in it for others, especially for whom shaving is not yet a morning ritual?

Speaking of young people who understand having it rough goes deeper than an iPhone needing a charge, thanks to Angelo Chase, son of Beth Chase and Ron Thomas. The 9-year-old boy invited his friends to his birthday party Oct. 23 with a focus on food. Not cake and ice cream, but food for those families struggling to fight food insecurity. Thanks to the young man and his buds for bringing in more than 218 pounds of food to SACA. Please get him a piñata filled with thank-you notes for stepping outside of the “me” box.

I am thankful for our incredible churches. When it comes to giving, they are there. Soothing the soul, helping the sick and dying, clothing the cold, feeding the hungry, marrying the lovebirds, baptizing the babies, cutting wood for those who have no heat, sharing and caring.

It just doesn’t matter which denomination, creed, or size of the collection plate.  I believe on Thanksgiving Day that the Lord likes what He sees in Silverton.

Thanks to the fitness gurus who are raising money and food for the holidays at record pace. To Curves, Anytime Fitness and Silverton Fitness, thank you for the food. It will be put to good use this koliday season. Work it!

Thank you for so many businesses that care about their neighbors, especially the office of Dr. Michael Kim and BrucePac. We’re talking turkeys. It would surely be a meager holiday without your generosity.

Thank you Silverton, for being what you are – a charming, eclectic little town filled with loving and benevolent people. We will get through the rough spots, and back to the business of being special. There is room for all of you at my Thanksgiving table, and His.

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