The Forum: What’s good for Silverton?

September 2011 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Other

So here it comes!

For as long as I have known a few of the unpleasant players in this civic horror story they have found ways to create doubt and distrust of anyone in public focus, calling almost everyone a crook on the take. Well, honestly, how much “Take” can there be really from SACA, Silverton Together or being a city councilor?

I doubt as much as squalling away the staff time answering drummed up claims. I have heard this same set of players often state outside the public’s ear how stupid the people of this town are. From how moronically gullible and lacking class to not knowing what’s good for us.

I sadly think the last part they may be correct.

In a attempt to elect a (slow/low/no) growth local mentality or was it to be edgy/alternative/nonjudgmental or cool?– (How cool is all this now ?) We put in position a home-town’er, feeling the loyalty factor of someone who grew up here was good for us, at least one would think so…

I don’t care what your orientation is, the color of your skin, how you act in your own space, and so many other factors that might be mistaken as a rating of who someone is. But for someone who grew up here – with a population so willing to stand up for our own (and) gathered together to tell a group of haters to “leave our home-town’er alone!” – then to have that same home-town’er make their own showing of hate with Silverton Together and now with those who put their love of their town back in – our City Councilors, and SACA volunteers… These are some of the best of Silverton’s citizens, I believe, and according to how the Silverton Citizens voted!

And if that works to take a position, it should work for the City Councilors. Leave them alone!

And could you do it without being “WACB’s about how EVERYONE (? — think about that…) seems to be wrong and against them and their curbside version of how it should be – Ya-Know, bla bla- the two way streets, bla bla – no traffic lights, bla bla – I want the tree’s to live small forever and it to stay 1962!, bla bla-the council treats me as if I’m a pain (go fig).

It sadly seems, we may not have known what was good for us.

I don’t care how smart someone is
Getting along with others is the
Goal of a good soul looking to share
The joy of their existence with
The world they care about.
If being so smart sets you up to be so
Angry, outraged, and micro centered…
Then perhaps we need to smarten up
And get Angry, Outraged, Civic Centered
And if we make it through all this,
Vote in a more stable, happy with life
Individual next time.

Paul Nida

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