The Old Curmudgeon: A history lesson I have lived…

October 2010 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Other

By Vern Holmquist

Well, our big celebration is over and I for one took in every happy moment this old body could stand. Viva Oktoberfest!

Now we have November just around the corner.  November brings elections for the state’s governor and legislature as well as local city councils.

We must put some serious thought as to where our beloved country is headed.

Prior to World War II, Germany was a beautiful country, a democracy and admired by its neighbors.

During the war I heard many Englishmen lament that they wished the war was over so they could again enjoy their holidays in Germany.

The problem was that most Germans did not foresee what was happening in their own country.

The economy had slowed down. The two major political parties in Germany blamed each other for the country’s woes.

The political parties fought over which had the best plan for bringing a prosperous end to the country’s problems.

Then entered another party (as we now have the Tea Party) which advocated some severe changes and then came a charismatic paper hanger who promised everything, told the Germans everything they wanted to hear and was elected their leader.

You may remember him. His name was Adolf Hitler.

We now have two parties fighting the battle and they are both fighting dirty.

The battle seems to be between the 10 percent haves and the 90 percent have nots.

Along comes a third party, the Tea Party. It seems to me its policy is to give all who praise the dollar above all a big supply of Clorets and then shoot down everyone with bad breath.

The Tea Party may not be much of a factor in this election, but voters should closely examine its motives. Look at all sides of the lollipop before voting. Study the candidates and know who you are voting for and if you support what they say and what they want to do.

Who gets elected to office is the responsibility of the voters and the voters need to be responsible, do their homework and make sure they know who they are voting for.

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