Man About Town: I have that sinking feeling – Have I forgotten something?

October 2010 Posted in Other

By Jim Kinghorn

Did you know that Silverton has a police officer by the name of Reno Bravo… How cool a name is that? Sounds like a super hero or maybe the title of a John Wayne movie. The Man also imagines this makes for some interesting radio chatter: “Attention all cars, Reno Bravo has a 10-50 whiskey tango in an Alpha Romeo.” “Dispatch, this is Reno Bravo, the perp was delta uniform india and GOA so I issued an APB and notified the PIO.” “Bravo, Reno Bravo, 10-4 over and out.”

Donna Snyder has sold Mayberry’s antiques to her daughter, Liz. The move will allow Donna more time to focus on The Red Bench side of the street and still keep the North Water Street antiques empire in the family.

Now that Vince Till has retired we will get to discover all of the little things he used to quietly do. You see, Vince is the kind of guy who just gets things done without a lot of fanfare or attention. Now if we could just convince him to run for mayor…

Mount Angel Telephone was recently recognized in the United States House of Representatives for its 100th year of connecting the citizens of Mount Angel and the surrounding area. The company was started in 1910 with 45 customers who, The Man hears, were frustrated with the poor cell and Wifi coverage at the time…

This month’s quote should make you feel better… or worse: “Government will always do the right thing….but only after exhausting all of the other possibilities first.” – Winston Churchill

Remember last month when The Man told you that the Silverton Garden Restaurant had opened and then closed… and then opened and then closed again…and then opened… Hey guess what? It’s closed again.

If you have spent any time around town on nice days you are no doubt familiar with Bill Schmidt’s cherry 1950s Buick convertible. What you may not know, is the Buick was originally sold on the same day that Bill’s wife Judy was born… Looks like Bill has a couple of gorgeous gals he’s not willing to part with…

Marta Stovin has announced a fundraiser to benefit the American Academy of Performing Arts’ new dance floor. The Oct. 23 affair will be held at Seven Brides Brewing and will feature live music, a silent auction, adult beverages and great food. You can also help out by donating an item to the auction – give Marta a call at 503-873-0464.

Don’t forget to enter to win the Benedictine Sisters’ Honda Civic giveaway by the end of October. The Man hopes they auction off the car soon ‘cause I overheard a group of the sisters the other day talking about how they “couldn’t wait to get some ‘sick’ rims and tires on that bad boy, maybe one of those noisy mufflers like all the kids got, custom paint, a kickin’ stereo and definitely a wing, a really big wing.”

Great maritime disasters in history: 1912, the RMS Titanic sinks after striking an iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland – 1956, the SS Andrea Doria goes under after colliding with another ship in heavy fog off the coast of Massachusetts – 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald founders and sinks to the bottom of Lake Superior during a winter storm – 2010, the venerable fishing vessel, the O’Downey, almost slips to the briny deep off the coast of the boat ramp in Newport Harbor because some numb nuts forgot to put in the drain plug.
See you on the street.

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