The Old Curmudgeon: Fundraisers and fun in Silverton, Mt. Angel

August 2010 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Vern Holmquist

Well, it appears the donations are still flowing in and all of the fundraising events for Mount Angel’s new Community Building have been well attended. This is proof that it is a very popular project. I will never forget the turnout for the spaghetti feed put on by the Glockenspiel. On that Monday night love permeated the air and was felt by everyone.

There was this little glitch regarding the entrance to the new Community Building. It was thought it would either have to be off Academy Street, bypassing much of the business area; or access would have to be on Cleveland Street, to which there was some opposition.

Contrary to stories that there are only two residences on this block-long street, there are four nice homes, plus delivery entrances to our town’s biggest employer, plus the pride of Marion County Housing, Sheridan Estates, which has residents who require walkers or wheelchairs for which this street has many obstacles.

While it was acknowledged that there are other streets in town that have potholes and are badly in need of repair, our city council has agreed that Cleveland Street is the most important at this time. Thanks to the motion by Mr. Donahue and the vote of the council; the Cleveland Street paving project has been approved.

Incidentally, the lady who wrote the letter in the Appeal-Tribune complaining about the terrible condition of her street and sidewalk probably does not realize that sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner.

There are a lot of things happening around the area this month and into September. The Davenport Races in Silverton remind me of the Henley on Todd Regatta in Australia – I’ve written about this before. Henley is a town on the Todd River that holds these equally ridiculous races. Instead of davenports, they race boats, boats that don’t have any bottoms in them.

When the race starts, the crews run to their boats, get in and pull the boats up to their waists and run down the river bed because the Todd River has not had any water in it for hundreds of years.

Believe it or not, people come from all over the continent for this annual event. Then of course in our neighbor state they have the Calaveras Frog Jumping contests.

Then there is the great Silverton Fine Arts Festival on Aug. 21 and 22. If you happen to love fine art and fine musical entertainment, not a local talent show, this is one where the participating artists come from far and wide – a real class show.

And, and then when my next article is due, we will be well into Oktoberfest – the event that solely puts Mount Angel on the world map. Let’s face it folks, this is the biggest and best event in our state and one of the most notable in the world. We know how to party here, and again it is shaping up to be the best ever. It has won the right to be praised by all of our residents.

Now as a topper, something you may not know. He’s quite modest about it but my good friend and yours, Prentice Boyd, is and has been for years an ordained minister. Along with the remodeling to make his Koffee Konnection look more Bavarian, it has been decided to use the back part of his location as a wedding chapel.

Along with the new stage and professional lighting and sound system, a beautiful arbor has been erected. A complete service will be offered, including planning, catering, even lederhosen and dirndls, if that is your desire. Check it out.

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