The Old Curmudgeon: Musings on life in Mount Angel

June 2010 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Other

By Vern Holmquist

Well, it is that time of the month again and here I sit in front of this intimidating machine with not much to say.

Of course, there is always the weather to write about and what weather we have had.

I think – with all the rain we’ve had I’m not sure if it was my imagination – there was a day a couple of weeks ago when the sun shined all day. It was a nice and warm day that was kind of exciting.

Well, we are told tomorrow is going to be our warmest, sunniest day of the year but don’t count on it. This is Oregon, you know.

On Memorial Day I did make it to the Schreiner’s Iris Garden show. It rained but that didn’t deter the great music coming from Capital Jazz Band. They played the oldies but goodies to a very enthusiastic audience.

These guys have been playing together since 1979. No wonder they sound so good. They ripened and aged like fine wine. They’ve been entertaining Iris lovers at Schreiner’s Iris Garden every Memorial Day since 1989.

This is one gig they really enjoy playing.

Do you have those days when all you want is just a good cup of coffee or perhaps coffee with the best overstuffed sandwich and a cup of Prentice’s hearty soup – his pride and joy? Well then the Koffee Konnection in Mount Angel is your place.

Prentice has been in business for 14 years at the Koffee Konnection and still has that big smile on his face. He’s only there until 2 p.m. each day, so check it out early – especially watch his remodeling of the place. Also, ask him what else he does. Whatever you do, grab a sandwich and soup. The food’s great.

I’m not sure why I felt challenged by those guys at Mount Angel Woodcarvers. Anyway, I suddenly realized my spare bedroom was deep in woodchips from a project I have been working on.

My project made more work for me as I realized there  was a trail of woodchips from here to there all through the house.

The mess was way beyond the capacity of the two vacuum cleaners I already had.

Whatever I carved must have been 94 percent waste, on second thought maybe 100 percent waste. Needing something to help me get the work done, I visited Bochsler Hardware in Mount Angel and they had the answer, a big shop vacuum. Those guys have everything and at a better price.

It will be coming up sooner than we think. Oktoberfest is already in the air. From where I live, I already see preparations under way and when I stop by the Bavarian Haus for my favorite German beer, I can’t miss the corner table where the thinkers and doers of this world-class event huddle together assuring this will be another record year.

I can’t wait to see if the “Do Re Mi” dance saves us from the Chicken Dance.

I heard some local residents say they have not attended Oktoberfest for years. Well, let me tell you it is no longer a “in your own backyard affair.”

Guests fly in from foreign countries. Many drive in from faraway states – just check the license plates. Some people have made this a yearly destination for 20 years or more.

This event is way beyond hometown. It is world class.

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