Man About Town: Those your legs? – Or are you riding a chicken?

March 2010 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Jim Kinghorn

Denny Stoll, chairman of the Oregon Garden Foundation reports that the City of Silverton has donated one of the used Silver Trolley buses to the foundation. The vehicle will be used to shuttle garden and resort guests to town so they can empty their wallets in the many fine shops and restaurants… Let’s see – Denny and his wife Genie own the local liquor store… .can you say Party Bus!

To better accommodate those few customers that still have jobs and can’t shop during the day, several local businesses have started “Open late ‘til Eight” on Wednesday nights. The Man says to make a point of supporting your local merchants, as they stay open to serve you better.

As the weather makes the transition from cold and rainy to warm and dry, it’s time for business owners to pay attention to any spring cleaning needed on their storefronts. A fresh coat of paint and some new window dressing will make your store more inviting to the visitor traffic that will come in the spring and summer months. “If you clean it, they will come, Ray… oh most certainly, they will come.”

Hey, all of you womens! It’s time for that event of excess estrogen, the gathering of great girlyness, the festival of femininity, the pow wow of girl power, Silverton’s Ladies Night Out. The April 9 event will feature shopping, music, appetizers, spirits and naked mechanical bull riding… OK, I made up the naked part but it still sounds like fun (The Man says my money is on Jeri Block). Tickets are available at the chamber office.

A hearty Thank You goes out to Henrietta Saalfeld who recently gifted her family property in the heart of Mount Angel to the city. The grounds will be named Saalfeld Family Park and includes the oldest residence in the city. Thanks to Henrietta, the donation will ensure the residents will be able to enjoy the property for many years to come.

Karen and Eddie McKenzie have moved Natural Health from their long time location in the Hartman Building, across Water Street to the former Boonya’s Butterflies location.

At the latest Silverton City Council it was decided not to allow backyard chickens within the city limits. Now The Man admits that I am not an expert in the ways of the fowl, although I have been known to do the chicken dance during a certain four-day span each year, but I wasn’t aware that this was a problem. Who keeps chickens? Dogs and cats, I understand, but what do you do with chickens?
Do they fetch? Can they do tricks? Can you take them on a walk around the neighborhood? Do they like to be taken to the local “chicken park” so they can be free to run around with their chicken buddies? When you take them in the car do they stick their little chicken beaks out the window with their feathers blown back and bite at the wind? My buddy the Downey dude tells me that you don’t even need a rooster for your hens to lay eggs… That just doesn’t seem right. I guess I just don’t get it. But don’t tell me it’s about eggs. They have them at Roth’s; I’ve seen ‘em….

See you on the street…

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