Something for the Soul: Resolution – Have faith, trust

January 2010 Posted in Columnists & Opinion

By Winnie Bolton

We’re rounding the corner on another year – think you can handle it?

Without God’s help, we really can’t.

Having said that, it is easer said than acknowledged.

At this time of year we’re accustomed to resolution making or at least feeling guilty (a little bit) if we don’t try making the effort. I’ve been looking through some 300 of my old columns searching for thoughts contributed for some New Year articles. There were some good ones such as curbing complaining and finding faults with others and positive ones such as eating more nutritious meals, giving up smoking, etc.

None of them were very exciting.

Before writing this column on resolutions, I requested God’s help.

“Assist me,” I asked, “in expressing a resolution in a new creative way that would help somebody, dear Lord.”

Little did I know the somebody would turn out to be me.

As I slept that evening I had a dream that I was house sitting for a friend who had a cat. For some strange reason the cat didn’t like me. He hissed at me, stared me down every chance he got. I was literally frightened that I would be attacked – and so I was. I fought him off, suffering deep scratches, but I didn’t run away and he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

How strange I thought?

What will I tell my friend how her cat disappeared?

When I told my friend her cat is gone, she answered, “What cat? I never had a cat, you must have been dreaming.”

Then I awoke and realized that the cat symbolized all my fears – afraid of what was become of the world’s morality, of our own country’s economy, people out of work – like two of my own children.

In fighting back the cat it was not my own courage but God’s strength given to me to comprehend the low level of trust and hope I had in Him.

I had forgotten that the world belongs to Him and He created the whole human race out of love. “Oh ye of little faith” keeps ringing in my ears.

My resolution for 2010 is to trust completely in His will no matter what. I won’t let life discourage me by some of the lunatic world behavior that goes on in the sewers of baser minds.

What’s up to me is with a song in my heart to choose the yellow brick road because He has already shown me the way. Have faith and hope. All shall be well.

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