The Old Curmudgeon: It’s not the gift – but the fact I thought of it

December 2009 Posted in Columnists & Opinion, Other

By Vern Holmquist

It’s just a few days away from goody goody gift time. The Old Curmudgeon has a little different take on gift giving in that I really don’t give a darn what the gift receiver wants, nor do I worry whether it is the right size or color, neither am I concerned if they already have one and I’m certainly not worried about them wanting something else.

You see, my idea of gift giving is that I am the giver and I’ll give them what I want them to have and then, of course, hope they want, and appreciate, the gift they get. I try to give something that they will treasure for some time to come – “Yeh, I remember we got that from Uncle Vern.” Then when I visit their home and see something I gave them proudly displayed I feel I’m getting something back.

Money or gift cards just don’t do it for me. I remember seeing a little cartoon many years ago that had a young, prosperous looking couple opening the greeting cards they had received. One turns to the other and says, “A check for $10,000 from Aunt Martha – did we remember to send her anything?”

I just received word my best friend passed away, the kind of friend that would do most anything for you and you would do the same for him. Elmer was 93 and he and his wife, Clarice, had a great ride in their journey through life. Items they gave Velva and me through the years now take on an even greater meaning as do the items we gave them that I saw still on display in their home on my last visit.

Well, many of you will disagree with me. Some of you will make sure the receiver knows what store the gift came from so it can be exchanged. Some of you will give gift cards to be used on something you would not have bought them. Some will say “Oh, what the heck, here’s a few bucks, buy what you want.”

Some will remember why we celebrate Christmas and some will not. The one thing I do not understand is why they celebrate Christmas during the busiest time of the year.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

By the way, since at this writing the holiday is still most of the month away, I make note that our city council has started its search for a new city manager. It has listed in the paper the sterling qualities the new manager must possess. Pray tell, can we expect the same qualities in our council?

Ho, ho, ho
The Old Curmudgeon

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